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Author / authors of the article. The Pension Real Estate Association (PREA) is a non-profit trade association dedicated to serving its members who participate in institutional real estate investment through educational forums, research initiatives, information exchange, and membership interaction.

Like many other professional organizations they make a point to financially help. Understanding Commercial Real Estate: Just How Different from Housing Is It? Joseph Gyourko NBER Working Paper No.

February JEL No. R0,R21,R A young broker had just started his own real estate office. He rented a beautiful office and had it furnished with antiques.

Sitting there, he saw a man come into the outer office.

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Property, in the abstract, is what belongs to or with something, whether as an attribute or as a component of said the context of this article, it is one or more components (rather than attributes), whether physical or incorporeal, of a person's estate; or so belonging to, as in being owned by, a person or jointly a group of people or a legal entity like a corporation or even a society.

Commercial essay estate real
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